Alex Deng

Alex Shaojie Deng

I’m a data scientist at Airbnb (since Dec, 2020). Prior to Airbnb I worked on the Microsoft Analysis and Experimentation Team and Azure Machine Learning, both part of the Cloud and AI platform. The Analysis and Experimentation team is responsible for one of the largest and best cutting-edge online experimentation system in the industry. I’m led a team focusing on methodological improvements of the experimentation platform as well as tackling the related engineering challenges. My team’s and my works span the area of causal inference and online experimentation, Bayesian optimization, reinforcement learning, auto Machine Learning, recommender systems, high throughput distributed computing, compiler and data analysis pipelines. In Azure Machine Learning, my team represented 1st party data and ML scientist experience of the product, and worked on large scale distributed training, auto machine learning, ML pipeline and product analytics.

I finished my Ph.D. study in statistics at Stanford in 2010 focusing on sequential Monte Carlo with Prof. Tze Lai.

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